EV Charger Installation

If you are new to electric vehicles, or just considering one at this stage, you’re not alone if you find this new way of fueling vehicles bewildering. The familiar system of filling up our tanks at the petrol station has remained practically unchanged for decades. All of a sudden, we have new and disruptive technology to wrap our minds around.

But on the positive, this gives us freedoms we never had with our fossil powered engines. We now have the power to choose when to charge, where to charge, and even where the energy we use comes from. These freedoms are just some of the advantages you will find electric vehicles have over their internal-combustion-engine counterparts.

If you’re confused about the charging process, how can you install EV charging at your home or business while taking advantage of these new freedoms?

Get Advice from an EV Enthusiast

While it’s possible for any licenced electrical contractor to install a simple EV charger, an electrician who knows the bigger picture about electric vehicle charging can point to the opportunities and traps involved, answering questions like these:

  • How long will my car take to charge?
  • How can I charge for the lowest cost?
  • How does EV charging interact with solar? Can I just use energy I would otherwise be exporting to charge my car?
  • What’s a controlled tariff? Can I, and should I, charge my car using it?
  • What size cable should I install for my charger? Is there any advantage to installing a bigger cable than is required?
  • Should I upgrade my home to 3 phase power?
  • What connector do I need on my charger?
  • How can I look after the battery in my car?
  • Can thinking about my charging habits reduce my environmental impact?

You’ll be pleased to hear that Definite Electrical has been driving electric since 2020, firstly with a Holden Volt plug in hybrid, then later adding a Renault Kangoo ZE and BYD T3 electric van to the fleet.

Such a passion for electric vehicles, combined with experience with installing, repairing, automating and even building EV chargers from scratch make for a Definite choice.

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