Itemised quotes from Definite Electrical are based on the following pricing information.

Prices are current as of 16 January 2024, and are subject to change without notice. However, prices quoted remain fixed provided that the quote has not expired.

All prices include GST.

Call Out$41.60Flat rate fee per job to cover administrative costs.
On Site Labour
(per hour)
$83.20For all work requiring attendance at a specific site (such as installation work) and/or at a specific time (such as booked remote support).
Off Site Labour
(per hour)
$54.08For work that does not require a site visit or a specific booked time, such as repair of an appliance that has been collected from site.
(per hour)
Travel for all jobs is charged to and from your site, and is valid for up to 8 hours of work. Every further 8 hours of work, or part thereof, incurs another travel fee.
Travel distance and time are calculated according to the Google Maps Journey Planner at the time of quoting, between the site address and 255 Forest Lake Blvd. Forest Lake QLD 4078.
(per kilometre)
$0.12As Above
MaterialsCost priceSince no markup is applied to materials, prices may fluctuate according to wholesale values.