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Fuse Board Fire – Safety Beach, VIC

Problem: No power one one household power circuit.

Diagnosis: A loose connection between a 1980’s fuse wedge and it’s holder had heated to the point of burning the incoming wiring to the fuse holder, and even the front of the fuse board. This came very close to becoming a house fire.

Solution: This was the perfect opportunity for a major upgrade, eliminating this common fault with fuse wedges while simultaneously providing earth leakage (RCD) protection to all circuits for the safety of residents of this household.

The fuse board was removed and replaced with an all new switchboard. A new earth electrode was installed, and the new switchboard was inspected, as required under Victorian legislation.

End Result: The resident and their family can now sleep easy knowing that circuits are protected for earth leakage, in the event of a trip fuse wire does not need to be replaced, but most importantly, the risk of a fire starting in this switchboard has been reduced by orders of magnitude.

By Stuart Graves

Stuart's been playing with electricity since infancy. After beginning his career with software engineering and IT support, Stuart has returned to his original passion with a mature age apprenticeship and electrician's qualification. This new career has since merged with the previous to provide experience with renewable energy management, automation, monitoring and all things electric vehicles.