Should Homeowners Supply the Materials for Electrical Projects?

While the BYO route is tempting, it’s worth considering the expertise of a professional when it comes to sourcing materials for your next home electrical projecct. Here’s why it’s generally best to entrust the task of material sourcing to the pros, especially for common electrical components like LED downlights, power points, light switches, cables, and junction boxes.

Price: Access Wholesale Pricing Benefits

While it’s true that some electrical contractors may charge a markup on materials, Definite Electrical promises to deliver the advantage of wholesale pricing straight to you. This translates into substantial cost savings on materials, allowing homeowners to adhere to their budget without compromising quality.

At the time of writing, an equivalent downlight from an established and respected manufacturer can be sourced for less than half this price through Definite Electrical.

Time: Leverage Expert Material Selection

Handing over material sourcing to skilled electricians can save homeowners valuable time. These professionals can quickly identify and bring along with them the most suitable materials for each project, allowing homeowners to focus their efforts on other aspects of their home improvement journey.

Suitability: Ensure Compatibility and Safety

Electrical projects require materials that seamlessly integrate with the existing or proposed wiring while ensuring safety standards are met. Relying on the electrical contractor for material sourcing ensures that the components chosen are well-suited and compliant for the project, providing both functionality and safety.

Plug base pricing
While a plug base is a great way to connect a downlight, there are several requirements for their use that may be impractical to meet.

Guarantee: Comprehensive Warranty Support

Choosing professionals for material sourcing extends the benefit of comprehensive warranty support. In the event of any issues arising with the sourced materials, the contractor manages the resolution – covering labor, shipping, and related costs – offering homeowners peace of mind.

Familiarity: Enhance Efficiency with Trusted Components

Seasoned electricians have their preferred materials and brands based on their extensive familiarity. By utilizing these recognized components, they expedite the project, saving on the time billable for the project and significantly reducing the overall project cost.


As homeowners seek to enhance their home’s electrical capabilities, entrusting material sourcing to experienced professionals proves to be a wise decision. While homeowner input remains pivotal for specific aesthetic choices like pendant lights, fixed appliances and ceiling fans, relying on electrical contractors for sourcing everyday accessories offers the more practical approach.

So before your next home electrical project, consult with Definite Electrical first, for the best suitability and the lowest price.

By Stuart Graves

Stuart's been playing with electricity since infancy. After beginning his career with software engineering and IT support, Stuart has returned to his original passion with a mature age apprenticeship and electrician's qualification. This new career has since merged with the previous to provide experience with renewable energy management, automation, monitoring and all things electric vehicles.